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Montana Road Trippin'


Discover the Treasure State Under the Big Sky!   Montana Road Trippin’ is a fun weekly 25-30 minute travel show about unique places to visit and the best road trips to take across Montana.

Let’s Go Road Trippin’!

Dia & Jewels 

Aug 28, 2014

Dia & Jewels go off the beaten path to Red Lodge, Montana!  Join us as we uncover unique places along the way in Episode 012 on Montana Road Trippin'!

Let's Go Road Trippin'!

Dia & Jewels

Aug 21, 2014

Montana's vast landscape echoes history's past.  You can discover it's place through it's people.  The First People's Buffalo Jump is near Great Falls.  It's a must see for Montanan's and reveals historical interest to all.  Locals know it as the Ulm Pishkun.  It boasts a length of one mile.  North America's largest...

Aug 12, 2014

In Episode 10, we travel along the Pioneer Scenic Byway between Butte and Dillon, Montana.  Catch breathless views, Crystal Park, Elkhorn Hotsprings, and more on Montana Road Trippin'.

Let's Go Road Trippin!

Dia & Jewels

Aug 8, 2014

Three informative guests join Dia and Jewels on Episode 009 to discuss the travels of Lewis and Clark in the Great Falls area and to talk about Giant Springs.

Let's Go Road Trippin'!

Dia & Jewels